Wedding events at the Fenton Inn

A fall wedding in November for around 50 people was set up in the Fenton Inn town square. While it was a little cold in the morning, the sun came out and the weather ended up being perfect.Cobble stone street with white weding chairs set up. Bavarian style village on a background.The bride and groom looked out over the guests to the mountain beyond.

White wedding chairs set up with mountain views on behind.

Another view towards Wintergreen Ski area. Most of the fall leaves had dropped about a week or so before, but a few trees still held on to their leaves for a few days more.

White columns with pink ribbon and flower decoration. Chairs and mountain view beyound.

A view from Main Street to the town square. The DJ had his own table set up on the right. Guests gathered in the lobby and then walked down the street to the wedding area. Those involved in the wedding part were all in Wilhelm’s House to get the bride ready. The groom ran a half marathon that morning in Richmond and still made it here by noon.

White wedding chairs set up in a rows with white columns and yellow cabin on a background.

A few flowers and ribbons made the event extra special. A great day and a great place to tie the knot.

Red, white and pin roses with pink ribbon


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