October at the Fenton Inn

A new door with a bit of October themed to it. It has a full moon over a covered bridge over a river.

On the bridge are two riders, the headless horseman and Ichabod Crane. The riders move from one window to the next, for ever chasing and being chased. Hold on to your hat … and head, Mr Crane.

Below the bridge is a keystone archway. It looks like someone should be hiding there. We will have to check back at night and see.

Another view of the covered bridge.

Pumpkins and three scarecrows at our picnic area near the drawbridge.

The first signs of fall are in the Dogwood tree. Different types of trees decide it is time to shed their leaves as much as a month apart. The hickories tend to be a bit pessimistic about the winter storms about to arrive. They grow slow and strong, waiting until the spring is in full bloom before starting any leaves and dropping them at the first hint of cool weather. The Poplar trees are ever the optimists, holding leaves until the last minute, and budding out early in spring. They grow fast and tend to lose a lot of branches and tops to the ice storms or early snow. Rather than sulk and give up, they will regrow from the roots if need be, still budding optimistically early and holding on the their leaves through the fall. Two different ways to deal with winter’s adversities, both thriving on our sunny mountainside.

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