Devil’s Grill Restaurant

We had Dinner at the Devil’s Grill on Wintergreen.  It is just 4 miles from the Fenton Inn at the top of Wintergreen at the Golf Club.  There are a number of places called Devil’s Knob, Devil’s Backbone, Devil’s Grill etc in the area, and apparently it dates back to the original survey done by Peter Jefferson (Thomas Jefferson’s father).  While surveying on the Mountain they lost a horse off a cliff and so had a bad day while naming the area.  Plus it was considered poor land for farming tobacco (He never envisioned ski slopes or a golf course at the time).

The start of the golf course on the top of the mountain (there is a second in the valley called Stoney Creek).  It is a fairly difficult lay out, with sharp turns and elevation changes.

The newly added outside dinning area at the Devil’s grill.  The top of the mountain can be quite a bit colder than in the valley, so dinning out in summer is a treat.

The menu is very fresh and well made.

My wife got the Korean Barbeque which was also quite good.

I ordered the pan seared trout with pilaf.  The unique flavor with bacon and plum was a good surprise to the side dish.

The cauliflower soup was a little over spiced.

The baklava was a fun finish to an otherwise healthy and low fat meal.

After a short cloud burst of rain, the sun came back out before setting.

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