Hummingbirds at the Fenton Inn

A view out the bakery window to the hummingbird feeder. About five females have discovered the feeder and an occasional male. Hummingbirds are highly protective of their favorite flowers and will chase each other away from the feeder.

We have many flowers in and around the village.  Spicebush and yellow tiger swallowtail butterflies are the most common larger butterflies.  The occasional monarch will pass through and never seems to have time to sit long on their journey north or south.

More flowers around the village.

The hummingbirds can use their tongues to empty the feeder over the day.They can eat more than their body weight in nectar each day but lose 10% of their body weight each night while sleeping. Flower nectar, like our feeder nectar, is sugar and water with very little else. Much of the hummingbirds diet is actually flying insects and spiders, where they get the needed protein and vitamins to go with their sugary diet.

Looking up to the hummingbird weathervane on the tower of the hummingbird suite.  Hummingbirds evolved in South America and while most species are still tropical, some have adapted to live as far north as Alaska. The Fenton Inn is as close as they will get to Europe, as they are native only to North and South America and migrate only over land where they can rest and feed frequently. We hope they enjoy their summer in Bavaria in the Blue Ridge Mountains.


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