A new coffee table for the lobby at the Fenton Inn.


Inspired by the cairns that can be found along many hiking trails, the table uses wooden made stones to create cairn legs that extend above the table. In the San-shin or mountain spirit traditions of Korea, adding another stone to an existing cairn with out it falling over is a sign of good luck. Other mountain cultures like the Scottish Highlanders, from which the word cairn is originate, used the cairns to hold their spirits during battle. Cairns are one of the most universal symbols around the world, representing literal trail markers and for guidance on spiritual paths. For this symbolic reason the fourth cairn is left unfinished.

Here are some of the many cairns on the pathway to the nearby Crabtree falls. It is a rather nature friendly way to leave a little sign that “I was here.” It is worth noting to not build cairns in archaeology sites, and they are banned in some European countries for this reason.

Another view of the table looking back towards the sofa. All the wood came from left over pieces from building the Inn. Wanting to make the most of each tree cut from the site, any piece of wood bigger than my hand was saved for mosaics and furniture making.

 Looking back towards the fireplace between two cairns on the table. It is considered good luck in many Eastern European countries to sit in silence for a few minutes before a long travel away… just enough time for a last cup of coffee.

 Another view of the table. I get many request for furniture and other projects, however the Inn keeps me busy. I am planning for some wood working classes in the near future. I have worked out a system of different techniques that can be learned fairly quickly, even if you have no high level artist talents, the wood and natural shapes will make your projects interesting and the fact that you made it will give the table more meaning. For myself the joy of teaching others is more fun than making a commissioned piece of furniture to be shipped off to someone. Tune in to our facebook page for dates and times or email for more information.



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