Captain’s Quarters at the Fenton Inn

Nestled in a steep sloped roof, the captain’s quarters has a
unique dormer with a bay window that resembles the back of a boat.  The maple wood trim also has waves and swirls
that remind one of the sea.  Looking out
the long window on a foggy morning, one can watch the fog rise and fall like
the tides in the valley below.
A queen sized bed and cozy reading seat have top of the
trees view in three directions.


A view back towards the bathroom and entrance room.  Every room or suite at the Fenton Inn has its
own remote controlled heating and air conditioning system that provide quiet
and ultra-energy efficient temperature control to each room.
Read a book or check emails on the window seat as you decide
on the day’s adventures.
The window trim and the wave are centered above and below
the window.  This maple tree fell in a
wind storm about 100 feet off the port side of the room.  The rather twisted tree made for some very


The bathroom has a curved glass shower and a wide granite

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