Wildlife in the woods near the Fenton Inn

opossum is pretending to be invisible as it holds to a small tree about four
feet up.  We were not fooled, but
undeterred the possum kept up the pose for a while until we finally walked
away.  I guess he will think it worked
and we never found him.  The opossum is a
very ancient animal, unchanged for millions of years.  Despite being one of the oldest species of
mammals, they usually live only a few years. 
They grow fast and mature quickly, having up to a dozen babies in a
litter that they carry around in their pouch.
baby box turtle in its first weeks of life. 
Like the opossum, turtles have been around unchanged for a long and move
at the same slow pace.  But unlike the
opossum, the box turtle can live for a century.
                                                   Another picture of the baby box turtle.
have a resident male turtle that we have seen in the same area of the woods for
years.  Sometimes he  takes a stroll down the Fenton Inn Main
Street.  No sign of the rabbit, so we
declared him the winner when he went through the arch in the clock tower.
close up of the adult male box turtle. 
Note the red eyes, which indicate his gender or a late night down at the
brewery.  Perhaps that is where he lost
the rabbit.

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