Let it snow at the Fenton Inn!


Well, after a very warm fall and early winter, we finally got
a double storm front that dropped about 24 inches of very powdery snow.  The high winds overnight made some very high
drift on Main Street, making it look much more like three or more feet came
down.  Now, where did I leave my snow
The curved bay window with the snow drift touching the
glass.  Even more snow fell on the
fountain from the clock tower roof almost covering the lion’s head.   A good day to go out skiing.
A view of the Blue Ridge Express chair lift on Wintergreen
Mountain.  Unlike most ski slopes, you
park at the top of mountain, ski down, then take a lift back up to the
top.  There is a good mix of gentle
slopes, snow board park, and a few steeper runs.  There is even a ski through tunnel under the
road that connects the more advanced slopes with the main ski area.


View to Upper Dobie. 
All slopes have snow making and lights for night skiing.  Often only the ski slopes have snow, but
after two feet of snow, the neighboring mountains all look formal decked out in
white snow.
Potato Patch is a small run with a lift perfect for
beginners and children.  Prior to the ski
resort starting in the late 1970s, the top area of the mountain had a farm with
a potato patch in this area.  Now most of
the potatoes on the mountain come as French fries in the several restaurants
and hamburger stands on the mountain top.


One of the more advanced
slopes called Eagles Swoop for those that want a bit of speed as they imagine
themselves on an Olympic slalom race.  So
enjoy the winter before it melts, either by skiing or just watch the snow fall
from the warm comfort of your room at the Fenton Inn.

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