Hiking to the Shamokin falls near Fenton Inn .

Another short hike for an interesting spot on Wintergreen is to hike to Shamokin Falls.  It is out near the very end of Laurel Spring, and can be driven to from the Fenton Inn in about 10 Minutes.  The Trail head is marked by a sign on the side of the road with a few spots to pull over for the hike.

A tree fell in the forest, but I am pretty sure it made a sound even if no one was nearby.  As a big fan of trees, I see a certain beauty and dignity in the weathering of the massive trunk.  Even after falling, the wood holds up for decades against the elements as if wanting to be remembered.  
A little bridge over a stream.  
After a few more minutes we reach the waterfall.  The water spills down into a small pool, but not quite enough for swimming.  After a good rain in spring the waterfall can grow considerably.
This is a very short and pleasant hike in a cool woods even in a hottest days of the year.

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