The Dragon’s den at Fenton Inn.

A bay window looking out on the peaceful Main Street. But who knows what might be around the corner on the other side of the moat.

  Here is another example of copper work on the bakery window, through which you can barely see the leg of a handmade table. Below we see a pair of grey squirrels snacking on an acorn.

On the side portion of the Inn we find a dragon attempting to escape from it’s underground lair.

dragon wants to escape
dragon hand opening the gate at Fenton Inn

There are several arched doorways in the building, including the dragons den. Beside it, there is an archway with a drawbridge gate held up by chains. It’s images like this that blend the local trees and wildlife with the mythology and style of old world Europe.

draw bridge chains and tower
Maybe there are crocodiles hiding in that moat?

We are finishing up the massage room this week. Here is a sneak peak at the floor mural.

mosaic tile floor



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